Free Chat Smiley Icons

Please feel free to use the following chat icon smileys in the chat rooms.
For Example:
:D = Chat Smileys

Chat Command Chat Icon Smiley Chat Command Chat Icon Smiley
:) smile :( sad
;) wink :/ indifferent
:< mad :confused confused
:O embarrased :P tongue
:S umm :D grin
:cool cool :$ money
:sick sick :cry cry
:cheeky cheeky :tired tired
:disgust disgust :dead dead
:haha laugh :evil evil
:angel angel :hug hug
:ninja ninja :? question
:! exclamation :love love
:kiss kiss :music music
:yes yes :no no
:msn msn :rose rose
:lol lol :rofl rolling on floor laughing
:roflmao roflmao :lmao lmao

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